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Pittsburgh Catholic University Hosts Speaker Who Says Whites Must ‘Crucify Their Whiteness’



Miguel De La Torre

New in PJ Media:


Apparently in the view of some Leftist Christians, Jesus loves some of the little children, but by no means all of them. Carlow University, an ostensibly Catholic institution, recently offered their hapless students the opportunity to attend an event entitled “Rejecting White Christianity,” featuring a speaker who denounced Trump supporters as un-Christian and called on white people to “crucify their whiteness.” When challenged as to why they hosted this divisive, racist, pseudo-Christian nonsense, the university invoked the principle of free speech and free inquiry that has seldom, if ever, resulted in their inviting any dissidents from the Leftist agenda to speak on campus.

To be sure, those familiar with Carlow University could have seen this coming. The university describes itself as first and foremost “a diverse and inclusive community” and only secondarily as “rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith.” The word “diverse” appears three times on the “Carlow Identity” page, and the university assures us that it is “a values-driven organization with a deep commitment to service, social justice, equity and inclusion.”

That deep commitment led Carlow to host Miguel De La Torre, a professor of social ethics and Latinx studies at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, and the author, coauthor, or editor of no fewer than 39 books, including such classics of Christian thought as Decolonizing Christianity: Becoming Badass BelieversBurying White Privilege: Resurrecting A Badass ChristianityFaith and Resistance in the Age of TrumpLiberating Sexuality: Justice Between the Sheets; and The Quest for the Historical Satan.

Although Donald Trump has been out of the Oval Office for over fourteen months now (it seems like fourteen years, after all the havoc the Biden administration has inflicted upon the land), he is still very much on Miguel De La Torre’s uncolonized mind. The good professor began his diatribe at Carlow by excommunicating followers of the former president: “When eight out of ten white evangelicals voted for a person who is completely against everything Christianity stands for, I don’t know what Christianity they are practicing. But I want nothing to do with that Christianity.”

De La Torre then explained the difference between what he called “white theology and ethics” and “Latinx ethics,” helpfully adding that when he excoriated all things white, he meant whiteness not in terms of race, but an “ontological concept.” Oh. De La Torre, who is to all appearances white, continued, “Those of us who are colored, some of us can also be white.” This kind of thinking is what gets you a job as a professor of social ethics and Latinx studies. But De La Torre also tossed Whitey a bone: “But the good news is there is salvation … We have to crucify our colonized minds, and for our white brothers and sisters, they need to crucify their whiteness.”

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[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals REAL Reason Biden Canceled “Ministry of Truth”…And MSM Will Never Admit This



Biden nina tucker 01

Well, today the Biden admin paused the “Ministry of Truth” indefinitely.


This came after several weeks of backlash against the dystopian/commie department and the nutty woman Biden placed in charge.

This woman was a mixture of Mary Poppins, a Harry Potter groupie, and a Russia hoax kook.

MORE NEWS: Tomi Lahren Found a Hidden GEM Inside Biden’s Fake Twitter Followers

When she wasn’t spreading lies and disinformation, she was singing show tunes, and playing in a music band that sexualized 14-year-old Harry Potter.


Does anybody in this Biden admin vet people? A simple Google name search could’ve done the trick.

How on earth did this fruitcake pass the test and get approved to lead this creepy communist department?

In the end, this was a huge embarrassment for the Biden admin… and as you know, the one and only thing the left can’t handle is being mocked and laughed at… and that’s why the creepy department and Nina had to go.


And that’s what Tucker laid out, as he brilliantly explained why the Ministry of Truth was really axed.


Tucker Carlson talks about Biden’s Ministry of Truth being put on pause: “Nina Jankowicz was so embarrassing that even the Biden administration … couldn’t put up with her.”

You can watch the video below:

Tucker is right. And while the media won’t tell you this truth, because they’ll do everything they can to protect the narrative, the rest of us know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s what people think about Minister Nina:

“She looks like some cartoon villain out of some superhero franchise”

“She actually spread disinformation when she discussed online platforms’ bias when it comes to censorship LOL” 

“Likely a lot more skeletons in her closet.”

“Maybe ScaryPoppins finally blinked her brains out (what little she had).”

“She’s a loony toon..but then the entire admin is a cartoon”

“How the hell did she ever get selected? Did they do absolutely no vetting? Man, this administration absolutely screws up everything.”


The unseriousness of this admin is so over the top, and it’s magnified by the (laughable) fact that we were told the “adults” were back in charge.

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BREAKING: Orlando Pirates will hijack 6 million Kaiser Chiefs transfer!



BREAKING Orlando Pirates will hijack 6 million Kaiser Chiefs transfer

orlando pirates Set as hijack Kaiser Chief transfer target Ewana after he dropped this heavy bomb ——Indicating his possible next move!

read | KAIZER Chiefs beat Orlando Pirates and top PSL striker for R6m at sunset

Pirates ahead of Chiefs as striker signs

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In a shocking twist, Amakhosi had just fallen behind in the race for Nga’s signature. To make matters worse, they were surpassed by their Soweto counterparts, the Pirates.

Nga has always been one of them PSL Discovery season.He has scored 10 goals for Chippa United this year DStv Premier Leagueimagine what he can achieve with one of the Soweto giants!

read | The end of an era: the last Soweto derby in years!

Eva Nga Bienvenu of Chippa United and Austin Dube of Kaizer Chiefs. Photo: BackpagePix

read | Kaiser Chiefs target these three Orlando Pirates stars for over R40m

Just 24 hours ago, Amakhosi led the way for Nga’s signature.

However, that changed after the Siya team confirmed the deal between the striker and Amahorsi fell through. football raduma. So open the door for the Pirates and wrap up the star-studded forward.

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Nga has received several offers from PSL.

“We have a lot of great deals. They’re already there. Very, very big (name brand clubs). Big local names. Very, very big names. You’ll get it soon. Very, very fast.”

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I mean, this weekend against TS Galaxy Probably his last game for Chipa.

It is only a matter of time before his future is announced. Turning to pirates seems the most likely. Amazulu A firm interest in the striker has also been expressed.

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