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Pixel 7 may not save some of your photos thanks to a camera bug

A new Pixel 7 camera bug has been discovered, which will make the phone fail to save some of your photos. This goes for both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, by the way.

The Pixel 7 has problems saving some photos due to a camera bug

Both phones seem to be refusing to save close-up zoom shots, at least for some users. A Reddit user that goes by the name ‘MintySkyhawk’ shared a video showing the issue. He took a photo of the internals of his PC using the 5x periscope lens with the flash turned on. The phone took the picture, but it didn’t save it.

Another Redditor did a similar test. He took a close-up image of his jeans, using 5x zoom and flash, and he got the same results. The phone refused to save the photo. It seems to be a common occurrence.

Android Police says that it seems to be happening on the latest Android 13 QPR2 build, and the Android 14 DP2 build. All phones seem to be running the Google Camera version

There is a problem with the Google Camera app

Now, it seems to be a Google Camera issue, more than anything else. It also seems to be happening only when you are taking a close-up photo in low light conditions with the zoom level between 2-5x.

Some Redditors decided to dig deeper, and pulled a logcat while using the Google Camera app. As expected, it seems to be a glitch within the app. The problem occurs due to HDR bugging out.

The latest Pixel Feature Drop probably didn’t fix the issue, even though some camera improvements were issued. We’ll have to wait and see. This is a very odd bug, though, and Pixel phones have, unfortunately, became quite familiar with such bugs. A recent bug with YouTube video crashing and rebooting devices was also a head-scratcher.



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