Pixel Watch gets September security update with no new features

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Google‘s September update is here for the Pixel Watch. Once again, the company is only pushing a minor update with the latest security fixes. The watch isn’t getting any new features or additional goodies with this release. The updated firmware build number for the wearable is RWDC.230905.003.

Google started rolling out the September update for the Pixel Watch on Monday. This month’s security patches will gradually reach everyone around the world within the next few days, except in Canada. The rollout in Canada will begin next Monday, September 18. Despite a delayed arrival, the changelog and build number remain the same.

If you’re using a Pixel Watch, you should receive a notification prompting you to download the new update over the air (OTA) soon. You can also manually check for updates from the Settings app on your watch. Go to the System menu and tap on System updates. If an OTA update is available for your watch, you can download it from here.

Note that updates are released in batches and may not be available to everyone in a region at the same time. If you initially see the “Your watch is up to date” screen under System updates, repeatedly tap on the screen multiple times in quick succession to trigger the update. This trick works more often than not. Disabling Bluetooth and forcing the watch to a Wi-Fi connection will speed up the download process.

The Pixel Watch should get a bigger update soon

The last three updates for the Pixel Watch have all been minor security patches. Google hasn’t pushed a major feature update to the watch since June. By its usual standards, the September release should have been a bigger one, but we once again got a security patch only. The company has a few new features in the works, including the ability to sync Bedtime Mode and Do Not Disturb settings between the Pixel Watch and the connected smartphone.

It’s unclear what’s causing the delay, but Google should roll out these features sooner than later. The company hasn’t pushed the September update to Pixel phones yet, so there must be something going on behind the scenes. The Pixel lineup was expected to receive the Android 14 update this month, but rumors say it has been delayed until next month. Perhaps the next major update for the Pixel Watch will also come in October. We will keep you posted.