Pokémon reveals the voice cast and staff for the next series

PokemonIt’s getting closer and closer to Ash Ketchum’s last episode in the anime ever, and now fans have even more details on what’s to come after the reveal of the main cast and voice for the next main series in the franchise! Following Ash’s World Coronation Series winning a tournament, and a special series aiming to bid farewell after 25 years of travels, the next main series in the franchise will transition to an all-new storyline featuring two new main characters set to work. their journey from the very beginning.

PokemonThe upcoming main series of “Outside” will premiere next month as part of the new wave of anime in the spring 2023 animation schedule, and that means we’ve seen more about what to expect from this new spin-off of the franchise. The latest update was the most significant yet, as we got to voice the main cast of characters (including the main antagonist) and the staff behind it all.

What do you know about the upcoming Pokemon anime?

PokemonThe next major anime series is set to premiere on April 14 in Japan, but no international release plans have yet been determined for the new series outside of the 2023-2024 year frame. As for the main voice cast, it includes actors Minori Suzuki and Yuka Terasaki as the new lead, Liko and Roy respectively. The four characters then end up with Taku Yashiro as Freddy and Ikui Otani as Captain Pikachu.

Work crew Pokemon The anime includes Saori Den as director, Daiki Tomiyasu as creative director, Dai Sato supervising scenarios, Tetsuo Yajima as action director, Rei Yamazaki as character designer, Kyoko Ito as child character designer, Masafumi Mima as sound director, and Konish composing the music. Pokemon Teases the new series thus, “The new series will be a dream and a new adventure set in the entire Pokémon universe, as Liko and Roy will have adventures with many Pokémon, including Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.”

How do you like the look PokemonThe next series yet? What do you hope to see from this new age without the ashes? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!

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