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Police in Lilongwe arrest 34 minibus touts

Police in Lilongwe have arrested 34 minibus touts for violent acts against passengers and motorists.

Lilongwe police spokesperson, Hastings Chigalu, has confirmed the arrest of the minibus touts.

According to Chigalu, the minibus are accused of committing various acts of violence such as harassments and assaults against passengers and private vehicle motorists.

“In the process, some passengers and motorists have been seriously wounded, cars deflated and damaged,” said Chigalu.

The suspects will appear in court to answer applicable charges.

Minibus touts usually operate in minibus depots owned by councils where they call on passengers to board minibuses. There are other touts who act as landlords of the depots and these collect cash from every minibus or vehicle which take passengers at the depot. Sometimes, the “landlords” use violence to collect cash from drivers.

Touts are usually accused of committing crimes at the depots.

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