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Polish Authorities Arrest 2 Moldovan Women for Illegally Staying in Poland Since December 2022

Two Moldovan women have been arrested by officers of the Border Guard Post in Zakopane, Poland after it was discovered these women had been staying illegally in the Schengen area since December last year after presenting their documents to the guards.

As reported by the local media, in December 2022, the legal stay of the same women in Germany ended. The police also emphasised that they did not try to legalise their stay in Germany and thus illegally crossed the border from Germany to Poland, without a residence permit that gave them the right to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland, reports.

In this regard, the Commander of the Border Guard Post in Zakopane has taken a decision regarding the foreigners who are forced to return to their country. In addition, they have been banned from entering the Schengen area for six months.

Recently, the Polish authorities also announced that a Tunisian citizen was also caught in the country who entered into a fictitious marriage with a Polish woman in exchange for citizenship.

At the same time, the Bydgoszcz branch of the Border Guard emphasised that the person in question was detained after he arrived illegally in Poland without having any document or means that proves his legal stay in this country.

The 32-year-old man was trying to conclude a fictitious marriage with a Polish woman in an attempt to legalise his stay in Poland and thus be able to go through other Schengen zone countries.

After Polish officials questioned the man, he claimed that since August 2021 he has travelled to several European countries for work and tourism purposes.

Moreover, the officers of the Podlaskie Branch of the Border Guard from March 24 to March 26 have also detained 12 people who facilitated the illegal crossing of the border from Belarus to Poland.

As the Polish Border Guard explains, of these arrested persons, seven of them were involved in facilitating illegal entry into Poland. The same said that one of the arrested was a citizen of Uzbekistan, who was illegally transporting five citizens of Syria and one citizen of Iraq from Belarus to Poland.

Meanwhile, the other arrested person came from Kyrgyzstan, who was transporting two citizens of Egypt with his private vehicle. The other three were Ukrainian citizens who also transported a total of 12 Syrians from Belarus to Poland.



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