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Popular Ghanaian Journalist Beaten Black And Blue After He Was Found On Top Of A Married Woman Grinding




One of Ghana’s popular journalist Kofi Adomah is nursing wound he received from a beating by people he claims to be armed robbers.

However, controversial Ghanaian Tiktooker Maa Linda says the journalist was beaten by men hired by a man whom he was chewing his wife.

According to Maa Linda, Kofi Adomah wasn’t attacked by armed robbers.

In this popular video, the famous Tiktoker claims Kofi Adomah was beaten by thugs hired by one of the women she misled.

Maa Linda said in the popular video that Kofi Adomah sleeps with married women in Ghana and abroad, and she has proof.

Maa Linda and another Ghanaian woman in Europe claim Kofi Adomah is his own downfall because he was instructed to return the women’s money but refused.

Maa Linda says Kofi Adomah wasn’t attacked by armed robbers or attackers as claimed.

Instead, hoodlums hired by one of the many women he’s slept with beat him after he had deceived her and stolen her money.

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