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Private jet travel jumped more than 30% this summer in Europe



Canceled flights, mess at airports… Travelers turned to private aviation this summer, which broke attendance records in Europe.

The controversy over private jets is still growing. This weekend, Elisabeth Borne called on jet owners “to participate in the reduction of greenhouse gases”. The most advantaged must lead by example, she said. The debate is far from over… because in the meantime, private jets are more popular than ever… The summer was even a record for the sector. Charlotte Gaire

Private jets have invaded European skies this summer. 43% more flights at Paris airports in July compared to 2019, before the pandemic. 37% more flights in London, 73% in Amsterdam… In Europe, on average, there are a third more private jet flights this summer compared to 2019.

Figures all the more striking as traffic from Russia has collapsed. And the price of private flights has soared due to soaring fuel costs and a lack of planes. A private flight from Paris to Mykonos thus costs twice as much as a year ago, for example.

The reason for this boom is simple: flight cancellations and the mess at airports this summer has pushed a certain clientele towards private jets: business leaders and wealthy American tourists in mind. They who have benefited in particular from the weakness of the euro against the dollar.

Despite their environmental impact, jets are more popular than ever: the number of people traveling by jet for the first time has increased by 40% this year.




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