PSquare end beef, follows each other on IG, Peter takes Paul’s kids shopping [Watch]

Nigerian brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye formerly of the music group PSquare, May have smoked the peace pipe as the two follow each other back on Instagram.

The P-Square brothers have made huge statements to prove that they will remain brothers for life.

The duo went their separate ways in the year 2016 and went about their music careers as solo artists, with Peter changing his name to Mr. P and Paul Rudeboy.

They seemed to have missed each other as they set the tone of a remarkable reunion, the brothers have followed each other on Instagram again to the excitement of their fans.

Check out the proof below:

Their newly found bromance did not stop at the mere following of each other on Instagram, one of the brothers, Peter takes the children of Paul to massive shopping ahead of Christmas.

Paul’s kids had the fun of their lives as Peter got the beautiful toys, clothes, and jewelry, their mum was heard in the background saying they need not do Christmas shopping anymore.

Fans and celebrity colleagues of the music brothers have expressed their happiness for the new developments in their relationship.

Watch the video below :


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