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Putin oversees commissioning of new Russian warships


MOSCOW (UKTN) — Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw the commissioning of new warships and pledged on Thursday to further strengthen his country’s navy.

“We will accelerate and increase the construction of ships of various projects, equip them with the most modern weapons and conduct operational and combat training using the experience gained during the special military operation,” Putin said, referring to Russia’s 10 campaign one month old in Ukraine.

The newly commissioned included a corvette, a minesweeper and the Generalissimus Suvorov nuclear submarine. The submarine armed with nuclear-tipped Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles is the sixth submarine of the new Borei class to join the Russian Navy.

“It will ensure Russia’s security for decades to come,” Putin said.

During Thursday’s ceremony, another submarine of the same type, Emperor Alexander III, was launched. The Navy plans to commission it after trials.



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