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Quentin Miller Goes On Rant About Ghostwriting And Working With Nas

Quentin Miller, the rapper who collaborated with Nas, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign and Drake, seems to be at his wit’s end with the music industry!!! Quentin Miller nearly blew a gasket on Tuesday during a fiery IG Live rant he posted in response to criticism about his Nas collaboration that earned him credit without his actual presence on the track. In his description of the incident, Quentin Miller explained that Hit-Boy invited him to the studio while he and Nas were finishing the project, where he pitched a few ideas for the song The Pressure. A few months ago, Quentin Miller appeared on Rory & MAL’s podcast to talk about his credits in the industry. He believes his association with Drake and Meek Mill’s notorious 2015 beef continues to affect his stigma in the music industry which he has threatened to leave. He finished the rant not caring if he ever got a high-profile collaboration and denounced the ghostwriter title once and for all.

Rapper Quentin Miller Rants Over Drake And Nas Ghostwriting Rumours

In a podcast interview with Rory and Mal last month, Quentin Miller opened up about being thrust into the spotlight after Meek Mill alleged that he ghostwrote for Drake. The majority of the interview focused on this topic, but a clip of Quentin discussing continuing to write for artists after the incident started circulating on social media over the weekend. It was asked if Quentin was turned off from working with other artists after the incident, and he replied, I’ve been writing for people ever since. The people I’ve worked with include Nas, Big Sean, Jeezy, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, and a bunch of others. In addition to writing Nas’ “The Pressure” from King’s D isease II, Miller wrote “Chaos” off of Big Sean and Hit-Boy’s What You Expect.

Despite never wanting to be a writer, Quentin Miller explained that he enjoys being creative. It is a thankless job to be a writer in the entertainment industry, Quentin explained, since a lot of artists aren’t also talented writers. There’s nothing bad about Quentin Miller. There is no doubt in my heart that it is true. Now that Drake rumours are dogging him to the fullest, Nas is in a different league. We crown Nas as our King of Lyricism! Nas slander will not be tolerated. It is not Quentin or Nas who have slandered him, but the haters. Jay-Z fans. Whatever the case may be, it has gotten under Miller’s skin! On Tuesday, he posted a rant on Instagram. There was no ballistic outburst as reported. However, he did express himself freely!



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