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Racist Profs Complain They’re Too Afraid of DeSantis to be Racist

“Of the 39 courses offered this past fall by the department… none focused primarily on race.”

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Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Now there’s a whole ProPublica sob story about how Florida’s ban on indoctrinating students with racist and hateful ideas is really hurting the real victims.

Racist profs. Get out your hankies, you’re gonna need them.

Jonathan Cox faced an agonizing decision. He was scheduled to teach two classes this past fall at the University of Central Florida that would explore colorblind racism, the concept that ostensibly race-neutral practices can have a discriminatory impact. The first, “Race and Social Media,” featured a unit on “racial ideology and color-blindness.” The second, “Race and Ethnicity,” included a reading on “the myth of a color-blind society.” An assistant sociology professor, Cox had taught both courses before; they typically drew 35 to 40 undergraduates apiece.

As recently as August 2021, Cox had doubted that the controversy over critical race theory — which posits, among other things, that racism is ingrained in America’s laws and power structure — would hamstring his teaching. Asked on a podcast what instructors would do if, as anticipated, Florida restricted the teaching of CRT in higher education, he said that they would need to avoid certain buzzwords. “What many of us are looking at doing is just maybe shifting some of the language that we’re using.”…

Last April, DeSantis signed the Individual Freedom Act, also known as the “Stop Woke Act,” into law. It bans teaching that one race or gender is morally superior to another and prohibits teachers from making students feel guilty for past discrimination by members of their race. And it specifically bars portraying racial colorblindness — which the law labels a virtue — as racist…

A month before the fall 2022 semester was set to start, he scrapped both courses. Students scrambled to register for other classes. “It didn’t seem like it was worth the risk,” said Cox, who taught a graduate course on inequality and education instead. “I’m completely unprotected.” He added, “Somebody who’s not even in the class could come after me. Somebody sees the course catalog, complains to a legislator — next thing I know, I’m out of a job.”

Mission accomplished.

But, ProPublica wails, Cox isn’t up for tenure until the fall and his “salary was his family’s only income while his wife stayed home with their baby.”

His wife is a realtor. The poverty must be grinding.

How much sympathy did these people have for the folks whose lives were destroyed, were fired, left unemployable and canceled over misunderstandings or failing to get into line with BLM fast enough?

Here was Cox cheering the Dr. Seuss book ban last year.

When the writer Joyce Carol Oates noted that editors won’t even touch first novels by young white male writers, Cox sneered, “I’m just here for the replies to this blatant lie and reverse-racism pity party.”

I’m just here for ProPublica’s blatant lies and racism pity party.

“If they are acquitted, I’m fine with whatever forms of responsive rage that will happen across the country,” Cox tweeted about one incident.

That’s a Florida prof endorsing violence. It’s the same guy that ProPublica tries to turn into a saint being round under by DeSantis.

Some of Cox’s racist tweets include, “White people can literally get away with anything” and “the kicker is connection to how white logic perpetuates ongoing racist ideology.”

He complained that, “I grew up listening to my mom (a Black woman PhD) speak in frustration about her (mostly White) undergrad students who had the audacity to call her by her 1st name. Here I am—years later, a PhD myself—with the same damn problem.”

“I go running in the morn a couple times each week. I see (mostly White) ppl out walking their dogs or kids to school, and most are friendly. We’ll wave, smile, and say GM. But some of these ppl—esp older White ppl—won’t even acknowledge me. They will stare very Jim Crowly though.”

That’s a small sampling.

It’s painfully clear that Cox, like most racialists, has issues with white people. He’s not an “expert” teaching an academic subject, as ProPublica insists, he’s a racist spreading hate using taxpayer funds.

And he’s worried now that Gov. DeSantis has forced the universities that used to pander to and coddle academic racists to do the math and stand down.

“UCF Provost Michael Johnson told faculty last July that the university would “have to take disciplinary action” against any faculty member who repeatedly violated the Individual Freedom Act because it couldn’t afford to lose a “catastrophic amount” — $32 million — in state funding linked to graduation rates and other metrics.

Cox’s department chair, Elizabeth Mustaine, said she went along with the professors’ wishes because “I thought: ‘I’m not going to stress anyone out about this. It’s crazy.’” Still, she added, “it’s an absolute tragedy that classes like this get canceled.” Of the 39 courses offered this past fall by a department that specializes in the study of human society, none focused primarily on race.”

This is what winning looks like.

It’s not leftist rage, it’s leftist fear.



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