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Recalling the fighting days, Mallika Sherawat’s pain spilled over, she said ‘the family left because of the race’



Actress Mallika Sherawat, who made a splash in the Bollywood industry with the movie Murder, is busy these days promoting her upcoming movie RK-RK. During this, Mallika Sherawat has remembered the days of her fight. under which her pain has spread.

Significantly, Mallika Sherawat will be returning to the big screen for a long time. The trailer for her upcoming movie RK-RK has also recently been released. In a media interview promoting this film, Mallika Sherawat recalled her struggling days and told that when I came to Mumbai to start my film career. So after my family was left behind, I completely lost their support. That was one of the biggest losses for me. Not only this, after moving to Hollywood, I lost touch with some of my dearest friends. In such a situation, you can guess how many sacrifices I have made for my film career.

Mallika Sherawat is going to play again in the world of cinema after many years. Mallika is set to make a comeback through the RK-RK movie, made under the Rajshri banner. Mallika Sherawat’s comeback film RK-RK is known to be released on July 22. Apart from Mallika, Bollywood actors Ranvir Shorey, Kubra Set and Rajat Kapoor are present in this film in important roles.



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