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REDMAGIC is branching out into PC gaming monitors

REDMAGIC is making a PC gaming monitor, branching out from the familiar waters of mobile gaming smartphones it’s been known for the past few years. While REDMAGIC is very much still making gaming smartphones, expanding its horizons to include a PC gaming monitor probably isn’t a bad idea.

Gaming smartphones are a fairly niche corner of the smartphone market. And with news of Lenovo yesterday shutting down its Legion phone business, it suggests that gaming phones as a whole may not be thriving. Or at least not as much as they were. That doesn’t mean they’re going anywhere. Of course. Especially from REDMAGIC, one of the brands that stands out as one of the bigger competitors to ASUS. That being said, REDMAGIC is doing the smart thing here. By getting into PC gaming hardware, it’s diversifying.

And judging from the specs, it’s starting off strong.

The REDMAGIC PC gaming monitor is packed with features

The company’s first PC gaming monitor comes with a 4K display and a refresh rate up to 160Hz. All wrapped up in a 27-inch panel. So right off the bat it sounds good on paper. The display also has a peak brightness of 1300 nits, is backlit by mini-LED technology, and supports HDR 1000. As well as multiple connection types including HDMI 2.1, USB-C, DisplayPort 1.4, and USB-A.

The design is pretty basic but that isn’t going to matter much since you’re going to be focusing on what’s on-screen. And it might be hard to look away thanks to the monitor’s slim bezels across the top and sides. REDMAGIC promises “spectacular color and contrasts for every game” in addition to zero input lag. Bold claims that will no doubt sound appealing to any gamer looking at this thing.

If it all sounds good, the REDMAGIC 4K gaming monitor is available starting April 6 on the company’s website, with pre-orders opening up just a few days earlier on April 3. Be prepared to open your wallet though because the monitor retails for $869.99.

REDMAGIC is also making a gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard to accompany the monitor. Both of which seem pretty high-priced themselves at $199, and $99 respectively.



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