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Religion is a cult, if you belong to one, you are a cultist

A Twitter user known as Oyinkansola Alabi has shared her thoughts on religion relating it to cultism.

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She stated that religion is a cult. According to her, if one harbours hatred, likes control, and is manipulative, the person is also a cultist.

She added that she belongs to the Kingdom of God where love is being taught, and used as a source of miracles.

In her words:

I don’t belong to any RELIGION because religion is a CULT. A cult followership that suspends thinking, and encourages hatred, control & manipulation. What I belong to is a Kingdom. The Kingdom of God where love is the message, method, and miracle. Namaste ❤️.”

Reacting to ..., Adewaleaina said: “Am on the same page with you, religion is cult and business enterprise where members are not allowed to have respect, love, accommodating with each other but to exploit themselves to financial advantage to the general overseers and their family.”

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