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Remains of temple found under 18th century church, diggers stunned

Remains of an ancient Roman temple have been found under an 18th-century church in Croatia. Archaeologists are also surprised to see the remains of the temple during the excavation. This church is located in Danilo near Sibenik, Croatia, which is known as Saint Daniel’s Church. The special thing is that the place where the city of Sibenik is situated at present, there used to be the Roman city Ridit, in spite of this there was no information about this ancient temple.

A joint team of archaeologists from Poland and Croatia was carrying out excavation work at the site. The team of archaeologists discovered the temple with the help of LIDAR aerial scanning technology. The remains found by the team are said to be the main entrance to the temple.

Ancient cemetery found near the church

The special thing is that apart from the temple, the team which is excavating the site has also found an old cemetery near the church. This graveyard of Christianity is said to be from 9th to 15th century.

Professor Fabian Welk, who is leading the Polish research team, told that the place where this temple was found, this place would have been such a public place (forum) in ancient times, where apart from this there would have been many other important things. According to the professor, there would have been administrative buildings such as courts and offices along with the temple at this place.

The temple will be located in the main center of the Roman city

The professor said that according to the data we have received, the remains of the temple found under the church and its adjacent cemetery would be located in an important part of the Roman city of that time.

The professor said that at that time the Forum used to be a big center in Roman cities. This forum was built at the central points of the cities, where there was movement of people in both social and economic matters.

According to the researchers, not only the church but also the old cemetery is built over the ancient temple. Although, the cemetery is a little far from the main place, but all are within the same range.

Professor Welk told that this means that the cemetery found was built over the Roman buildings near the temple.

It is to be known that the excavation work going on under the church started in the year 2019. A joint team of archaeologists from Poland and Croatia is working on this project.



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