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Reserve Bank sent two letters to Yes Bank, know what is the whole matter – Yes bank stock price jump two year high got two letters from rbi about fund raising plan

private sector yes bank informed on 9th December that he had received two letters from the Reserve Bank. This letter CA Basque Investments (CA Basque Investments) and Varaventa Holdings Limited (Verventa Holdings Limited) Is related to the deal being done with. Yes Bank is in talks with investors to raise funds. yes bank “The bank is in talks with its investors as part of efforts to raise funds. Regulatory approval is required in this matter,” he said.

Yes Bank moving towards a deal

Yes Bank has received letters from RBI regarding the deal with two companies, while it is moving forward on the deal with another company which is to be completed this month. Yes Bank has entered into a deal to sell its bad loans worth Rs 48,000 crore to JC Flowers ARC. JC Flowers has bought this bad loan for Rs 11183 crore. The deal is done under the 15:85 rule.

This means that after the completion of the deal, JC Flowers ARC will pay 15% of the entire amount to Yes Bank in the form of cash advance while the remaining 85% amount will be in the form of security receipts. In this way, an additional cash of Rs 1,677.45 crore can be seen in the financial results of Yes Bank in the December quarter results. Also, after the transfer of bad loans to JC Flowers ARC, its loan book can be quite strong.

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Yes Bank holds 9.9 per cent stake in JC Flowers ARC and now plans to increase it to 20 per cent. For this approval will have to be taken from RBI. According to the bank, approval will be taken from RBI for 20 per cent stake after transfer of bad loan and receipt of cash.

Ups and downs in Yes Bank shares continue

The shares of Yes Bank have been witnessing ups and downs for some time now. It has touched a high of Rs 20.40 and a low of Rs 17.30 in a week, which means it has traveled more than 15 per cent in just a week. Today, on December 9, its shares have reached a one-year record high of Rs 20.40 and about 9 months ago, it was at a 52-week record low of Rs 12.11 on March 30, that is, in just 9 months, it has given more than 68 percent returns. Gave.



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