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Restoration of Koeberg Power Station yet to be realised, says Eskom

The Koeberg Power Station unit one was shut down for fuelling and maintenance work.

Eskom’s Koeberg nuclear power station in Cape Town, South Africa. © hijackhippo/

JOHANNESBURG – Eskom said that despite all efforts made to restore its Koeberg Power Station unit one, its return to service date is still unachievable.

The power utility said it managed to remove one of the three steam generators at the unit – which was set for replacement.

It is understood that a generation production plan is being optimised as the unit being offline for maintenance contributed to extended outages around the country.

Eskom said although every effort was being made to reduce the impact of the outages, they will be running a few weeks late.

The power utility said the removal of one of its steam generators required replacing a major milestone towards the completion of its Koeberg Power Station unit one.

But a further two steam generators still need to be removed from containment buildings and all three new steam generators need to be installed.

Eskom said removing the old generators from the buildings is an extremely intense process since each generator weighs over 320 tons more than a Boeing 747 airplane – which is only 150-200 tons.

It also listed at least eight major tasks that still need to be completed in order to revive the unit.

Currently, only one unit is offline for maintenance, but Koeberg unit two is also set for similar maintenance soon.



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