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Ringo Starr Was Never Safe From John Bonham’s Pranks, and the Way He Handled Them Says It All About Ringo

Ringo Starr never seemed to have trouble making friends. The drummer once said joining The Beatles was like going to school since he didn’t know the other three. Even though the Liverpool musicians knew of each other, Ringo had a steep learning curve when he took over the drum kit. Still, he formed tight bonds with his Fab Four bandmates. Ringo formed fast friendships with other musicians, too, yet he was never safe from a little good-natured harassment from Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, and Ringo seemed to handle it well.

(l-r) Ringo Starr; John Bonham | Bettman; Michael Putland/Getty Images

Ringo Starr formed fast friendships with non-Beatles musicians

Ringo unsurprisingly formed close bonds with his Beatles bandmates after joining the fray. That skill extended beyond the band and came into sharp focus when the Fab Four fractured.



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