RIP: Who Was Della Williams & Cause Of Death? Wentzville Police Dispatcher Dead At 49, Funeral & Obituary!

A police officer from Wentzville dies after serving for 19 years. The police officer’s death news was released but the cause behind the death is still not mentioned. Wentzville police announced on Wednesday that Della Williams, who served the police department passed away recently and she was 49 years old at the time of her death. Details regarding her death cause were not yet released. She was one of the dispatchers of the police department of Wentzville, who served the department for over 19 years. Let us know in detail about the life and death of Della, who served the police for so long, and Things regarding her lifeline as well. Della Williams served in the department for 19 years and she was appointed in 2003 August. Before getting into the police department, Della worked as a part-time officer in the St. Louis Police department. She worked at the St. police department as a part-time officer and even before that she used to get dispatching jobs in Warren and Randolph countries. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Della Williams Death Reason

Della Williams Death Reason

While addressing the passing of Della, the Wentzville police department on Facebook posted that they cannot describe the loss they are facing by the death of Della. The department post quoted, there is no way to describe, we do not have words to describe the loss of Della. They also added saying, she laid an impact on the whole department. The police department’s post said that Della was impactful n her co-workers, her family, and the people she met in her lifetime. Lastly, they closed the statement by saying that she was incredible. According to the department’s officers and staff, Della was involved in projects which she initiated, including the Missing person’s support Center which was founded by Della. According to the staff, Della was loving natured and she used to cook meals for the Surrounding dispatch centers and units which were appointed especially.

Della Williams: Wikipedia & Biography

She also used to prepare meals for the deployed troops as well. St. Peters police Department which is at nearby the Wentzville police department also sent their condolences and said that they will the deceased officers’ family in their thoughts as they are going through difficult times. While speaking about Della, the department officers said that Della was a selfless person, she was a giving person who loved to give things and love others. The officers said that Della’s life revolved around loving, caring, and helping others. According to the department police, Della was especially attracted to and loved the person who was the victim of domestic violence and for children as well. She took care of them and looked for their best future as well.

Della Williams: Funeral & Obituary

Della was a kind-hearted person who loved caring, helping, and preaching to others in times of difficulty. She was always helpful to the needy and the persons who were facing difficulties. The police department was really saddened by the death of Della. In another statement, the Wentzville police department said that the department won’t be the same as it was with her and that Della was truly the most caring person in the department. The department people stated that the department will be left out because of her and that the whole department will miss her. They said that they will miss Della by heart and she will always be in everyone’s heart. The funeral and other details were not released, maybe they will publish everything after the completion of rituals.



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