Rita Dominic Corrects A Follower Who Thinks Naysayers Are The Real Motivators

Actress Rita Dominic has corrected a follower of hers who thinks naysayers are the real motivators in one’s life saying people who are there for you with no strings attached are the ones that should motivates you.

Rita Dominic made an earlier post asking her fans and followers to forget about naysayers and do whatever good thing they are doing and this follower reacting to that believes the naysayers in your life are the real motivators.

Rita Dominic who also thinks otherwise corrected the follower and all those who think the same explaining that naysayers will never acknowledge that you have done well therefore, people who are there for you with no strings attached are the ones to motivate you.

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Rita Dominic believes people around you with positive energy are the real motivators and not naysayers who try to bring you down as not everyone can stand up to them and move on despite their negativity.

When you take what Rita Dominic explained into consideration, you will realize she’s right because those who are always there for you without no strings attached motivates you to do whatever you set your mind up to do but those with the strings attached turns out to be the naysayers.

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Source: www.NaijaOnPoint.com.ng

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