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Roku And Tubi Strike Streaming Deal For Warner Bros Discovery Content (With Ads)

Representatives announcing the deal have expressed their excitement at the potential for their content to come to the free, ad-supported television (FAST) platforms. “We love working with world-class, cutting-edge partners like the Roku Channel. Their innovative platforms provide us with new ways to bring our valuable content to fans across the country,” David Decker, president of content sales for Warner Bros. Discovery, said in one statement. “Tubi’s innovative platform and these new channels are one more way we are bringing Warner Bros. Discovery’s vast array of content to our fans. Tubi is an incredible client, and we’re excited to expand our relationship with these new channels.”

Representatives of both Roku and Tubi also expressed their satisfaction with the deal, saying that bringing Warner Bros. Discovery content to their platforms will add more value to them.

It’s a shame that lots of this content couldn’t have stayed on HBO Max, but on the other hand, viewers won’t have to pay any more to watch this content on either platform, except in their time watching ads. Whether you view this deal as a positive or negative, it’s certainly a big change for all involved and certainly represents a big win for both FAST platforms.



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