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Roku is coming for Amazon's Fire TV with its own Select & Plus TVs

Today, at CES 2023, Roku has announced two new lines of smart TVs with Roku built-in, obviously. These are all TVs built by Roku, similar to Amazon’s 4-Series and Omni Series that were announced in the past two years. The Select series is the “Value” brand for Roku, and smaller sizes. With the Plus series coming in 65- and 75-inch models.

Unfortunately, Roku is not releasing a lot of technical details about these TVs, like the panel technology. But don’t expect it to use mini LED or even QLED, given how inexpensive these are. They range from $119 to $999. With obviously the Roku Plus 75-inch being the $999 model.

Now, given the number of TVs that Roku is announcing here, you may think that Roku is trying to compete with its partners. That is not the case. Roku is really trying to compete with Amazon, who has their own TVs with Fire TV built-in, and have been doing very well. Roku also wants to have a bit more control over some of its Roku TVs. In fact, it is also bundling the Roku Voice Remote with these new TV sets.

Roku is the #1 smart TV OS sold in the US, as of the third quarter of 2022. So these TVs are likely to be pretty popular, similar to TCL’s Roku TV sets.

When can I buy these new Roku TVs?

Roku, like a lot of other companies at CES 2023, is being pretty scarce on pricing and availability information here. But we do know that these will be available in the US in the beginning of Spring 2023. That’s not to far down the road. Since Spring starts in March.

Roku is also not specifying prices on these models, and hasn’t disclosed all of the models available. As there are 11 models apparently, but Roku is only mentioning 5. So we should get some more information about these TVs in the coming months, leading up to their releases in the Spring.



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