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Roller coaster accident Melbourne Footage Goes Viral on twitter, Reddit and Youtube

Roller coaster accident melbourne footage reddit

Roller coaster accident Melbourne footage Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube At the Royal Melbourne Show, a roller coaster accident claimed the life of Shyla Rodden’s brother. The unfortunate incident at Royal Melbourne, which resulted in the death of a man and the hospitalisation of a lady, was genuinely terrible. Follow more updates on

Roller coaster accident Melbourne footage

The young lady who was struck by a roller coaster at the Royal Melbourne Show was discovered. She had just lost her brother a few weeks prior and is currently fighting for her life.

26-year-old Shylah Rodden’s family spent the entire night with her in the hospital, where she is still unconscious.

At 5:45 p.m., she was struck by The Rebel roller coaster. on Sunday and launched nine meters into the air before hitting the ground in front of the shocked onlookers.

Roller coaster accident Melbourne footage Viral on Reddit

26 years have passed since Shylah Rodden’s birth. She was born in Australia and continues to be a citizen of that nation. She is Caisha’s younger sister and was born to Alan Rodden.

Few individuals outside of Shylah’s close friends and family are aware of her occupation or how she first entered the media profession. Information about the nature of her work is scarce. Following a recent roller coaster tragedy, Shylah is in a coma and struggling for her life. Her family is battling online trolls and objecting to how Dhylah is being treated while she is sick.

Roller coaster accident Melbourne footage Viral on Twitter

Police believe she was struck while attempting to remove her phone from the train tracks.

Her significant injuries, which according to her father Alan Rodden have stunned her physicians, have kept her family from giving up hope that she will recover. It has since been revealed, though, that the family is still grieving over a different recent loss.

At the end of July, Shylah’s brother Jason passed away. She stated in her final Instagram post before getting harmed that his death caused “her whole world to fall apart.”

Not only was he my older brother, but he was also my greatest friend, my entire world, and the role model I admired and desired to be like, the woman claimed.

Royal Melbourne Show rollercoaster crash 

“He gave me so many life lessons. My brother taught me the distinction between good and wrong, and he was never hesitant to express his true emotions. It doesn’t feel real, so I keep hoping you’ll give me a callback.

“We have so many amazing moments together that I will always treasure, and I hope you’re proud of how far I’ve come when you gaze down on me.

Despite your passing, Jason, we’ll never forget you. Sleep soundly.

The father of Shylah expressed concern that even if his daughter survived, her life would never be the same.

“The injuries are terrible. It was “awful,” he said on Monday, according to the Daily Mail.

Numerous onlookers witnessed the catastrophic accident, which locked riders on the ride for several hours.

Before Thursday’s opening, Worksafe gave the show’s rides the all-clear, according to Melbourne Royal CEO Brad Jenkins.

Worksafe and the police are still looking into the incident. After the event, the fairground remained open for several hours.



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