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Romanian Police Arrested 6 Afghan Immigrants for Trying to Cross Romanian Border to Hungary Illegally

The Romanian border guards have caught six Afghan citizens who were trying to cross the Romanian border to Hungary illegally.

According to the Border Security Report, these persons were sent to the headquarters of the Territorial Service of the Satu Mare Border Police to follow up, reports.

The border guard also revealed that the detained persons were between the ages of 17 and 32 years old and are applicants for asylum status in Romania. Their intention was to reach the German territory without legal travel documents.

In early January of this year, Romanian authorities also arrested 11 migrants who were trying to cross the border and enter the Schengen area illegally.

In this regard, the border police of Romania emphasised that these people were arrested at the border point Nadlac II. The same added that the migrants who appeared to have entered Romania legally were hiding in a truck.

As the authorities explain, the truck driver was transporting three pallets of textiles to Italy, suggesting that the migrants were planning to arrive in this country and then transfer to another country in the European Union.

Regarding the nationality of the migrants who tried to cross the border of the Schengen area illegally, the Romanian authorities found that five of them were Bangladeshi nationals, four of them were Indian nationals and two of them were Pakistani nationals.

In November of last year, Romanian border police stopped a truck carrying 26 migrants from Syria and Turkey containing canisters of hydrochloric acid, in an attempt to enter the Schengen area.

At the time, the border police of Arad said that the truck was transporting chemicals on the Turkey-Germany road. During the investigation, the police found the foreign nationals hiding inside the semi-trailer. In addition, the police confirmed that the truck’s seal was broken during a routine check at the border crossing point.

Based on preliminary investigations, the police discovered that the truck was driven by a Turkish national along with 25 Syrian migrants and a Turk.

Last month, Romanian police in Arad also arrested around 27 migrants from Bangladesh, Eritrea, Sri Lanka and Pakistan after they tried to cross the border illegally into Hungary. Police explains that these immigrants had tried to reach the Hungarian court by hiding inside two trucks loaded with textile fabrics and metal bars.



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