Ron DeSantis Slammed by Own Party for AI Images Of Trump-Fauci Hug in Ad

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Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor shared some images of Donald Trump hugging Dr. Fauci that happens to be AI-generated and his own party is slamming him for that. For the ad campaign, the images of Trump with Dr. Fauci were shared. However, not all of the images shared were real.

Read ahead to know more about Ron DeSantis getting slammed for using AI-generated images of Donald Trump with Dr. Fauci.

Ron DeSantis uses AI-generated images of Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci in Ad campaign

With Presidential elections approaching nearer in the US. The campaigns from interested parties have begun. Florida Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently shared a video with some images of Donald Trump that’s been going viral.

Yes, on Twitter recently Ron DeSantis’s side came with a video of images having Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci in it. The six images shared in the video showed Dr. Fauci and Trump together. In fact, in some of the pics Trump was seen hugging Dr. Fauci too.

Are images shared by Ron DeSantis of Trump and Dr Fauci real?

Well, though the video showed images of Dr Fauci with Ron DeSantis. Not all the images shared in the video were real. In fact, three out of six pics in the video were fake and AI-generated. The involvement of AI lately to create images, texts, and audio has already been on the rise.

The video has though gone viral on the internet as the ad campaign. Many have even reacted in the same too on social media. Ron DeSantis has been slammed even from his own party for using the AI-generated images of Trump with Fauci.

Reaction on Ron DeSantis using AI generated images of Trump with Dr Fauci

Netizens have been slamming the use of AI generated pics of Donald Trump and Dr Fauci. Republican Sen.J.D Vance of Ohio tweeted about the video saying “Smearing Donald Trump with fake AI images is completely unacceptable”.

Many others tweeted slamming the video of Donald Trump with AI images in it. Not to miss, there’s been the rise of AI technologies in everything often creating confusion between real and fake ones. Meanwhile, amid the upcoming presidential election in the US, such a campaign can be misleading for others and is a reason for the alert.

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