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Ryan Gosling Shuts Down Rumors of Playing Marvel's Nova, But Reveals Which Dark Character He Would Play



Although Ryan Gosling may currently have his hands full playing Ken alongside Margot Robbie in the upcoming Barbie movie, the actor has revealed that there is one superhero in the Marvel world he would love to play. Having debunked rumors that he is about to take on the role of Nova in the MCU, Gosling went on to admit that if he was given the option he would love to be the next on-screen version of Ghost Rider.

There is always speculation about whom the next star to join the MCU could be, and Ryan Gosling has come up on more than one occasion recently. With Nova being one of the numerous Marvel characters set to get their own live-action project, it was recently suggested that Gosling could be in line to appear in that movie or series, but the actor has now closed down those rumors while speaking to Josh Horowitz who shared brief details of their chat on his Twitter account. He wrote:

Currently, there is nothing known about the Nova project other than the title being announced a while ago, but it has been suggested that it will take the form of a limited Disney+ series similar to Moon Knight. It is hoped that this will be one of the projects that Kevin Feige is ready to unveil in the coming months.

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While there has been no mention of Ghost Rider joining the MCU in the immediate future there are a lot of actors who have either shown interest in taking on the role of Johnny Blaze, or have been put forward by fans as their choice ready for then the part comes around –as it most certainly will at some point.

So far, names in the frame have included The Walking Dead’s Norman Reddus, fan-favorite Keanu Reeves, and even the last person to play Ghost Rider on-screen, Gabriel Luna, who doesn’t seem ready to give on playing the character again. With Marvel starting to explore its darker side with Moon Knight and the upcoming addition of Blade and Werewolf by Night to the MCU, it can surely not be too long until a popular character like Ghost Rider makes an appearance.

In the recently released The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige discusses how he wanted to use characters like Daredevil, The Punisher, and Ghost Rider but was not able to due to the mature nature of the characters. With Daredevil having now been brought back into the Marvel fold and set to get a continuation of the canceled Netflix series, could it be possible that the likes of Ghost Rider won’t be too far behind? There are many fans, and seemingly one Ryan Gosling, hoping for that to be fact.



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