S3x Starved Woman Drags Hubby To Court For Denying Her Conjugal Rights For Four Years

Zambian woman is accusing her husband of denying her conjugal rights for four years.

Anna Nyoni said her husband, George Nyoni, abuses her physically and verbally.

This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Anna applied for protection order against George.

“I found out about his extra-marital affair in 2018 and since then he has been denying me my conjugal rights saying that he is old and he can’t do it.

“He has been accusing me of using juju on him to not have an erection at home.

“He threatened to kill me if I don’t reverse the curse of which I know nothing about.

“He doesn’t take care of the family and now he takes my money from the poultry project that l have,” she said.

Added Anna: “He wanted to scald me with water when I was cooking for him, prompting me to lodge a complaint with the police.

“We also got counselling at the police station on the same day.”

In response, George denied the allegations saying he was sex-starved too:

“She is the one who denied me sex and I had to find someone who could sexually help me and now she is bitter.

“So I do not agree with the granting of the protection order because she wants me to be evicted from my own home.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the protection order in Anna’s favour.

George was ordered to maintain peace all the time and never to abuse Anna in any way.

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