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Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 release date and time, manga Reddit spoilers, where to read online

Chapter 111 of the famous Japanese manga Sakamoto Days will be out soon, know more about the release date, time, raw scan, spoilers, and where to read it

In the previous chapter, fans got to see the popularity ranking of the characters in the newspaper that Sakamoto was reading. Shin was the most favorite character of all the fans with  12, 738 votes. Next, we had Nagumo and Osaragi with 10, 600, and 6889 votes. If you are also following the manga Sakamoto Days and are excited about chapter 111, we have got you covered here.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 release date and time, preview, manga Reddit spoilers, where to read online

Some fans were also sad that Sakamot received fifth place in the popularity ranks with 4, 782 votes. Moving forward, we see Akira and his friends questioning the guy his identity, Instead of replying, he offers them to join the Order. Nagumo and Akira attack him together but he manages to avoid it. Nagumo realizes that he knows Satoda sensei and it’s not any ordinary assignment. Then, Uzuki also launched his attack with his surprisingly fast speed. 

Top 3 in popularity ???? (Art by 伊藤????蟹) from SakamotoDays

Akira was surprised as Uzuki helped them to fight him. She questioned him the same and he replied that he doesn’t want her to complain to the teacher that he was slacking off. He also explained not to follow a fast target with eyes. It’s better to anticipate the next move based on the surroundings. 

Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 release date and time

The release date of the popular manga Sakamoto Days chapter 111 is March 19, 2023. You can read this chapter on Sunday at the given times:

  • Central Daylight Time: March 19, 12:00 PM
  • British Summer Time: March 19, 06:00 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: March 19, 10:30 PM 
  • Korean Standard Time:  March 19, 02:00 AM 
  • Japanese Standard Time: March 19, 02:00 A
  • Singapore Standard Time: March 19, 01:00 AM
  • Philippines Standard Time: March 19, 12:00 PM

Chapter 111 of the manga will be available to read on Viz Media, the Manga Plus app, and the official website of Sakamoto Days manga.

Spoilers for Chapter 111

UNFAIR?! 2v1?!?! Two Kids vs An order member. Who takes the W?!? from SakamotoDays

The raw scans of Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 will be out by March 16, 2023. After the last chapter’s events, it seems that Order is not part of the JAA. In the next chapter, Uzuki and Nagumo will beat the attacker with their fast speed and strikes. They can also find out more about the Order from that guy in chapter 111 of the Sakamoto days.

Manga fans will be aware that the Order is a special branch of the Japanese Association of Assassins. It is made up of the deadliest JAA assassins, and its main objective is to maintain order in the assassin world. Sakamoto and Nagumo’s membership in The Order is already known by readers, however, it may be later disclosed how they achieved it. It would be fascinating to see how things turn out for both of them in light of the amount of ability Rion displayed.

[DISC] SAKAMOTO DAYS – Chapter 110 from manga

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