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Samsung aims 10% growth in sales of Galaxy S23 series

Samsung aims 10% growth in sales of Galaxy S23 series

Samsung is aiming for a double-digit growth in sales for the Galaxy S23 series this year.

TM Roh, Samsung’s mobile chief, shared with Korean media that he expects sales of the Galaxy S23 series to grow by over 10% compared to the Galaxy S22 series. Roh has the same sales target for the Galaxy Z foldable phones this year.

Roh says the Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely to account for more than 50% of the sales numbers. The Galaxy S22 Ultra constituted over 40% of the total Galaxy S22 series sales numbers last year.

With the global smartphone expected to only recover towards the end of the year, Samsung faces an uphill task in achieving its sales goal. The South Korean company apparently failed to hit the sales targets for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z devices last year. It also had the lowest quarterly profits in 8 years with the mobile business significantly impacted by lower sales and revenue caused by “prolonged macroeconomic issues”.

Source: ETNews, Chosun Biz via Android Authority



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