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SA's cannabis industry worth as much as R28bn, says Western Cape government

Provincial MEC for Agriculture, Ivan Meyer, said the industry would also create over 25,000 jobs, which would help alleviate poverty.

FILE: South Africa’s cannabis industry is worth billions. Picture: © Eric Limon/

CAPE TOWN – The Western Cape government says the introduction of cannabis to the agricultural sector will create over 25,000 job opportunities.

It announced an implementation framework to introduce cannabis to the province’s agricultural sector this week.

It said the plan would launch cannabis as a role-player in economic development, by creating job opportunities and alleviating poverty.

According to the government, the plan would formalise the sector for informal producers and processors of cannabis.

Western Cape MEC for Agriculture Ivan Meyer said the cannabis industry in South Africa was valued at as much as R28 billion.

“The plan aims to mainstream production and agri-processing, secondly to promote cannabis and hemp as a rotational crop in the industry, and also to evaluate measures to protect and promote the unique Western Cape hemp and cannabis features,” said Meyer.



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