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Save on Starbucks with the $60 Instant Solo Coffee Maker

Instead of going to Starbucks everyday for your morning coffee, why not get the Instant Solo Coffee Maker. It’s on sale for just $59.99 right now. Which is down from its regular price of $99.99.

This coffee maker is from the maker of the Instant Pot. So you know that it is a pretty good coffee maker to pick up. It’s well built, and also supports Keurig’s K-Cups. Making it easier to make your own coffee. You can also use reusable coffee pods here.

Instant allows you to brew cups of coffee ranging from 8oz to 12oz. It also has a pretty large 40oz reservoir in the back. So you won’t need to refill it every single day. That is definitely a really great feature to have here.

It’s quite small, coming in at about 12.6″ tall, and 11.8″ long. It is able to accomodate the taller mugs out there, up to 7″ tall. So if you have one of those super insulated mugs that can keep your coffee warm for 8 hours, it’ll work with this coffee maker. And that’s really great to see.

It takes just 90 seconds to brew your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with the Instant Solo coffee maker. So you’ll have a hot drink in just minutes. Now remember that since this does use K-Cups, you can use all sorts of things in here. Like tea, hot chocolate, cider, and of course coffee.

Let’s not forget that Instant has also added an option here where you can adjust the brew strength of your coffee. So if you like something a bit stronger, then you can do just that here with the Instant Solo coffee maker.

You can pick up the Instant Solo coffee maker from Amazon today by clicking here. Keep in mind that this price is not going to last long.

Instant Solo – Amazon



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