Save the Date: Stray Kids Fan Meeting 2023 Opens Its Doors to Global Fans!

Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 is due soon and we have one more surprise from the K-pop band to come. Yes, this year along with BTS Festa 2023 you’ll have the Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 to happen as well. Hence, if you are excited to know about the same. Then here we disclose all the information about it.

Read ahead to know more about the Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 and all the exciting updates about it.

Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 dates announced

Stray Kids fans are having a delight coming soon as they are going to have the Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 arriving shortly. Yes, the fan meet event has announced its date and venue as well and we bet you don’t wanna miss that.

So, mark the dates of the fan meet by Stray Kids. As Stray Kids fan meeting 2023, Pilot for 5 Star is to take place on 1st July at around 6 pm KST/5 am ET and on July 2 at around 5 pm KST/ 4 am ET. But that’s not all, the K-pop band is having something more for you as they are to release their new album soon.

What’s more to expect from Stray Kids in 2023?

Apart from the Stray Kids fan meeting 2023, the fans of the K-pop band will also get a new album 5 Star from them to release. Just before the band’s fan meet in 2023. They are to release the 5 Star album on 2nd June 2023 at around 1 pm KST/12 am ET.

Not to forget, the 5 Star album is to have a total of 12 songs in it. Hence, in the fan meet fans won’t just be getting old hits of Stray Kids. But they will have some new tracks coming from the 5 Star album too. But if you are confused about where to watch the fan meet 2023 online. Then here’s how you can.

How to watch Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 online?

If you wish to watch the Stray Kids fan meeting 2023 online. Then here we will let you know how to do it. The second day of the fan meet is going to let international fans be part of the fest. As Beyond Live will be streaming the concert live for all.

Meanwhile, for those interested in pre-ordering and pre-saving the upcoming album 5 Star by Stray Kids. They can do so by visiting the official website. Hence, don’t miss catching up with the new album and fan meeting of Stray Kids on the mentioned time and date.

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