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SEE: The 1975’s Matty Healy Kissing A Fan On Stage During Robbers, Fans Reaction on Social Media

During live performances, Matty Healy once again plants his lips on people — something that was clarified as unproblematic in 2022 according to the kissee. A packed crowd watched the 1975 frontman perform with his band Friday in Vegas. In the middle of a performance, he began getting all love-dovey with a female fan as he sang their song “Robbers.”. It didn’t take long for him to go for some suck-face, which she reciprocated. There was a huge response from the audience — mostly ladies who were in a jubilant state. The reactions on Twitter are mostly jealous jokes — a lot of people write that they should have been the ones.

However, it seems that some users of the bird app were offended by this woman making out with Matty Healy because she felt compelled to clarify something. On a serious note, I do want to state some facts before we get any further, I had this on my phone because he mentioned at some point I could only have make out with you, she wrote, identifying herself as the woman who was kissed and making sure that Matty was cleared of any perceived wrongdoing — namely, kissing someone without their consent. In response, the woman said, I did this, and he saw it and brought me up, but he asked before kissing me. Furthermore, I am 24 years old. This means Matty boy had permission to kiss her.

Twitter Reacts To The Video OF The 1975’s Frontman Matty Healy Kissing A Fan Onstage

A new video of Matty Healy kissing a female fan on stage has surfaced online. It shows him pulling her up from the crowd and kissing her. On Friday, 25th November 2022, the much-discussed incident occurred during a concert in Las Vegas. As he sings The 1975’s 2013 hit Robbers, Matty Healy locks lips with a female fan in several videos now circulating online. He was also kissed back by the female fan, much to the crowd’s delight. Netizens on social media were divided in their reactions to their kiss in the middle of the concert, even though the woman in question later confirmed Healy asked her consent. A social media user tweeted: I just got parasocially cheated on by Matty Healy and I don’t know what to do about it.

A number of fans were shocked by Matty Healy’s kiss and wished they could switch places with her. There were even people who claimed that they were heartbroken because Healy had kissed another person. Matty Healy’s actions were also criticized by many on the internet despite all the gushing about the kiss. Following the viral video from Friday’s concert, many on social media questioned whether Healy kissed a minor or if he had gotten her consent. One user said the behaviour was “creepy” and pointed out how security got the girl out of there. Matty Healy had already “asked” the woman before kissing her, according to the woman shown in. Moreover, she claimed that she was not a minor since she was 24 years old.

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