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Seinfeld Fans Overwhelmingly Agree On The Show's Most Moral Character

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When you analyze the characters on “Seinfeld,” there’s a pattern of selfishness and almost sociopathic behavior that is detected in many of them. In many of the situations they face, the characters will opt for a decision that will benefit their needs alone, even if it comes to a detriment of another.

Jerry, for example, puts his own amusement needs above those he’s in relationships with. In “The Voice,” he continues to make unwanted jokes about his girlfriend’s stomach despite how she is clearly self-conscious about it. In “The Merv Griffin Show” episode, he gets a woman drunk so he can play with her late father’s vintage toy collection while she is passed out. To make matters worse, he does this repeatedly, so that both George (Jason Alexander) and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) can help take advantage of the situation. Jerry’s numerous moral flaws also include getting George arrested for shoplifting, making out with his girlfriend at the theater during “Schindler’s List,” stealing a loaf of marble rye bread from an elderly woman and digging up his neighbor’s dead parrot from a pet cemetery. We could go on and on.

Elaine is not better, proving that rotten behavior and a flawed moral compass aren’t something the show devoted only to the male characters. To name a few examples, she knowingly made the workplace a horrific environment for a germophobic co-worker (“The Apology”), and she constantly abuses her power and privilege while at the helm of the J. Peterman Catalog.

George is the most neurotic and compulsively lies to everyone throughout the show’s nine-season run. These lies are often to make him appear more successful to strangers or old acquaintances but are sometimes used as a device to cover up a scheme.



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