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Selena Gomez Praised For REFUSING To Suck It In



Selena Gomez Morning Routine Product scaled

Selena Gomez is not adhering to any “look skinny” guidelines this summer.

The Rare Beauty founder is basking in all of her natural glory, curves included.

SelGo recently shared a video of herself in a one-piece swimsuit lounging on a luxurious boat.

Selena Has A Message For Those Telling Her To “Suck In”


She paired her summer look with large gold earrings with her dark brown hair pulled back.

While looking into the camera, she lip syncs to original audio from unwinewithtashak.

“Suck it in,” the audio clip begins.

“I ain’t sucking s**t in,” Selena lip syncs.

“Why?” the audio clip continues.

“Real stomachs is coming to f**k back, OK?” SelGo responds.

Selena Is All About “Real Stomachs”

@selenagomezVaca self♬ original sound – unwinewithtashak

She captioned the video, “Vaca self.”

If her suit looks familiar, it’s because it’s from her 2021 La’Mariette tie-dye swimsuit line that she collaborated on with her friend and former assistant, Theresa Mingus.

Selena Gomez makes a splash launching swimwear collection with LaMariette

SelGo has been a massive advocate for body positivity and mental health, which her fans have always admired her for.

This time was no different.

Fans Praise Selena For Her Realness

Her TikTok video’s comments were flooded responses from thankful fans.


“She’s the reason I’m comfortable in my own skin,” someone else commented.

Another echoed that sentiment writing, “You make me feel comfortable in my skin.”

“She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment,” a fan stated.

Someone simply commented, “Ugh, thank you.”

Selena’s realness and vulnerability is what makes her so relatable. She’s been very open about her struggles with mental health and the unobtainable standards social media put on society.

Back in February, The Blast reported the bilingual singer opened up about confidence therapy.

In an interview with Glamour UK, the actress admitted it takes “a lot of effort” for her to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Selena Gomez Celebrates Birthday With Taylor Swift In This Simple, Gorgeous Summer Dress

“I’m a big advocate for therapy. I also love to keep sticky notes around my house with positive affirmations,” she said. “I have a lot of various ones, but ‘I am enough’ is a favorite of mine – I call them ‘Rare Reminders.’ And taking a scrolling break from social media helps!”

Selena Still Struggles With Self-Confidence

Despite her ‘Rare Reminders’ and positive affirmations, the “Revelación” songstress still has bouts of drained confidence.

“Self-confidence is still something I work on daily, but when I stopped trying to conform to society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, my perspective entirely shifted,” the Hulu actress said.

Sel explained her self-confidence suffered from growing up in the public eye and entertainment industry.

“Being in the public eye from such an early age certainly comes with a lot of pressure. It’s hard to feel comfortable when you feel like everyone is watching, judging, and commenting on the way you look,” the beauty founder admitted.

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans Dating Rumors

Selena explained that for as long as she can remember, she always felt she had to look ‘perfect’ and a ‘certain way.’

The multi-hyphenate star is also back in the dating pool, which was hilariously revealed by her Nana on TikTok.

The singer recently uploaded a video to TiKTok in which she’s doing her makeup for her millions of fans and followers.

While applying lip liner, Selena’s Nana off camera asks, “So how did you end it with that guy?”

@selenagomez #rarebeauty @Rare Beauty ♬ original sound – Selena Gomez

In the blink of an eye, Selenators got the confirmation they’ve been wanting for years. Selena has seemingly been single for the past few years with just a few romance rumors and there.

A completely stunned Selena freezes and replies, “I’ll tell you in a second.”

The “Revelación” singer captioned the video, “I have no words.”



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