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Senate should be scrapped, Reps doing most work: Lawmaker Dennis Idahosa

The member representing the Ovia Federal Constituency, Dennis Idahosa (APC-Edo), has called for the scrapping of the Senate and the introduction of a unicameral legislature to reduce costs.

In an interview on Sunday in Abuja, Mr Idahosa said the Senate, one of the two houses of the National Assembly, should give way if the country is serious about cutting the cost of governance.

“If we are going to cut our expenses or spending, I think one of the houses should be scrapped, which I suggest should be Senate,” Mr Idahosa said. 

He argued that it was not “smart” enough for Nigeria to have the Senate and House of Representatives when the country had limited resources.

Mr Idahosa stressed that the lower chamber performs most legislative duties.

“Not because I’m a House of Representatives member, but because most of the legislative jobs are done by the lower house, which is the House of Representatives.

“This is because we only sit three times a week. We are being paid salaries to work for Nigerians; we can extend the three days to five days while we have one house taking care of both jobs.

“So I think to reduce the unnecessary spending that we are actually involved in, the best thing to do is to reduce it to one for more accountability,” he said.

On the performance of the ninth assembly, the chairman, House Committee on Legislative Compliance said it had done remarkably well.

He noted that the first major milestone achieved by the ninth assembly was the passing into law of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).

“That was a significant one because the oil and gas industry was becoming a mess, and that is our major source of revenue as a country,” he said.

According to him, the second significant milestone achievement by the assembly was the Electoral Act amendment.

“We have done other bills that are also significant in this country, and I give kudos to the leadership of the house for providing leadership that counts,” he added. 




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