Sergio Ramos Has Not Yet Made His Debut In The Paris Saint-Germain Shirt Due To Injuries

Sergio Ramos is the only one of Paris Saint-Germain’s big-name signings who has yet to make his debut for the French side. Nor will he do so this week or next week.

The Spanish centre-back, who missed the Euros through injury, has still not been able to train with his teammates, which is beginning to cause derision in France.

He did it, through a video, ‘L’Équipe’, in the programme ‘L’Équipe de Greg’. In it, a man is seen alluding to a supposedly Spanish player with a beard, reminiscent of the Spanish programme ‘Cuarto Milenio’.

“Good evening, welcome to ‘Mysterious mysteries’, where we are going to talk about an inexplicable phenomenon occurring at PSG”, says the presenter of the programme.

Just then a witness appeared: “Last Wednesday I was making the rounds, as usual, and suddenly a tattooed man appeared, with a beard and speaking Spanish. When I turned around he had disappeared. I was very scared.

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