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‘Servant’ Season 4: Clues That Hint at Leanne Being a Servant of God

The Apple TV+ original series Servant returns for its fourth and final season on Jan. 13, 2023, and fans of the show are already creating hundreds of theories regarding what’s really happening in the Turner household. One of the most popular theories seen on Reddit multiple times revolves around Leanne’s (Nell Tiger Free) true form. Several fans believe Leanne is an angel using a human body to stay undetected, but now, she’s gone rogue. Here are some theories that hint at Leanne’s angelic identity.

'Servant' Season 4 character Leanne, played by Nell Tiger Free, sits on a staircase looking over the railing.
Will ‘Servant’ Season 4 confirm Leanne is actually a servant of God? | Apple TV+

Leanne’s ability to bring people back from the dead

From the very first episode, showrunners hinted at Leanne’s ability to bring people back from the dead. Over the course of all three seasons, we’ve seen Leanne do this a couple of different times. The catalyst of the series was Leanne, seemingly bringing Jericho back to life. Of course, producer M. Night Shymalan left enough doubt in the audience’s minds that viewers never confirmed this fact, but the story heavily hinted at the possibility.



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