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Seth Slammed by Fans on Below Deck Adventure for Asking Lewis for Bosun Title

On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, Bravo aired the season finale of Below Deck Adventure Season 1. While managing charter guests and reporting to their heads and the Captain, the cast members also had serious conversations, conflicts, arguments and fights throughout the one-hour episode, creating a lot of drama and keeping viewers hooked. Seth asked Lewis to pass him the Bosun title on this week’s episode of Below Deck Adventure. The latter was surprised that the lead deckhand would want the Bosun title by the end of the season, but decided to pass the “Bosun torch” to Seth. Seth’s desire for the title was ridiculed by fans.

As one tweet put it: Seth, Bosun of Nothing. Audiences have been extremely receptive to the latest spin-off below deck. Fans have closely followed the cast members’ journeys on social media, and although some have earned their titles as fan favourites, others have been harshly criticized for their actions. In response to Seth’s request for the Bosun title, fans took to social media to voice their concerns. A replacement for Kyle Dickard, who was fired halfway through the season, Seth Jacobson joined the crew. On social media, viewers and crew members expressed excitement over the new deckhand at first. However, Seth complained about Bosun Lewis’ leadership, claiming that he was not properly oriented and that his messages were sent over personal communication.

Seth Was Slammed Online For Asking Lewis To Become The Bosun In Below Deck Adventure

Bravo aired the season 1 finale of Below Deck Adventure on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET. A one-hour episode showed cast members managing charter guests and reporting to their heads and the captain, as well as being involved in serious discussions, disagreements, arguments, and fights with other cast members creating a great deal of tension and hooking viewers throughout. Below Deck Adventure this week featured Seth asking Lewis to pass his Bosun title on to him. Although he was surprised by why the lead deckhand wanted to become Bosun by the end of the season, he agreed to pass on the title to Seth. A number of fans took to social media to voice their concerns about Seth asking Lewis to become Bosun. A user commented: Seth is weird. It’s weird that Seth asked Lewis to carry the Bosun torch for him. Did he really ask him to do that? Another person added. The episode of Below Deck Adventure began with the cast preparing for their last charter’s final two days.

They wanted to make sure that the season ended on a high note and that their guests received the best service possible. A successful run ended the new instalment with all the emotions, laughter, drama, and romance packed into one. Seth Jacobson replaced fired deckhand Kyle Dickard halfway through the season. Crew members and viewers took to social media initiatives to express their excitement over the new deckhand. In contrast, Seth raised concerns with Bosun Lewis’ leadership, feeling that he wasn’t given the proper orientation and receiving messages over personal messages. Consequently, Seth complained to Below Deck Adventure Captain Kerry about the management. In addition, he wanted Lewis to be replaced as head of the team by him. Those who have watched Below Deck Adventure season 1 have found it an engaging watch. As the crew of the Superyacht Mercury bid goodbye, they got back to their professional and personal commitments. Viewers will have to wait for further updates regarding the Bravo show until news about a reunion episode is released.



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