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Seven people arrested over murders in Lilongwe

Seven people are in police custody in Lilongwe on suspicion that they are behind brutal killings of three people in the city.

The seven suspects are residents of Area 36.

Lilongwe Police Station Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu, has identified the suspects as Emmanuel Banda, 24, Wyson Stevala, 19, Mateyu James, Gracian Banda, Brian Jeremiah, Davie Chinyama, and Chikumbutso Njaidi.

According to Chigalu, since January this year, there have been a spate of brutal killings of people during night time around Area 36. The suspects have told Police that they are behind some of the killings.

This includes the murder of Bellington Mkumba, a Central Medical Stores Trust Inventory Officer, who was murdered on February 18, 2023 at his entrance gate.

The suspects have also told Police that they are responsible for the murder of Stephano Loboko, 27.

Loboko was killed in his shop at night and the thugs went away with two computers, welding machine and solar panel which they later sold at K250,000.

Chigalu said the suspects have further revealed to police that they are the ones behind the murder of Peter Sam, 30, at Kandikole location on February 23 this year whom they robbed of K18,000 and later dumped his body in a drain.

He said during the time of their respective arrests, the suspects were found with ATM card, car keys, laptop bags and other items belonging to the slain individuals.

According to Chigalu, the suspects have also demonstrated to police how they carried out all the three killings.

The suspects will appear in court soon to answer murder and robbery charges.

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