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‘Sex and the City’: Mr. Big and Natasha’s Engagement Invite Referenced a Vintage Cartoon

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Mr. Big didn’t have a name until the final moments of Sex and the City. Fans long imagined that the writers had a name in mind when they were writing the fictional character, but as it turns out, that wasn’t the case. In fact, John James Preston would have remained unnamed if some of the team had their way. If Mr. Big wasn’t known to writers by his real name, how did they deal with moments when the Mr. Big moniker just wouldn’t do? Well, one crew member used a placeholder name for Mr. Big that had Sarah Jessica Parker laughing out loud. In his engagement party invitation, Mr. Big was named Boris. 

Chris Noth as Mr. Big | Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Mr. Big was referred to as Boris in his engagement party invitation 

In season 2, Carrie Bradshaw learns that Mr. Big will be marrying his 20-something girlfriend of just a few months. Despite her restaurant freakout, Mr. Big still invites Carrie to the engagement party, sending an invite in the mail. Viewers never get a chance to see the inside of that invite. For years, we assumed it was blank on the inside. Apparently, that was not the case.