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Shahrukh fell in love with John, KISSed in a crowded gathering, rumor of ‘enmity’ rubbish

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and the cast of Pathan attended a press conference after the film’s success. Shahrukh Khan did many funny things on this occasion. Meanwhile, the actor kissed John Abraham. During this time the photo has come to the fore.

Shahrukh Khan

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Shah Rukh Khan Kisses John Abraham: Shahrukh Khan has been in the Bollywood industry for more than 3 decades. Shahrukh Khan knows how to face every situation. That’s why the king of romance has made such a comeback after 4 years from an action film that the whole world kept watching. During this, he did not even promote the film in front of the media. Now the actor talked about the film in the press conference. There were rumors that her relationship with John Abraham has turned sour. On this also King Khan reacted and kissed him.

Shahrukh Khan surprised everyone with his loving style during the press conference. There is no doubt that he is kind hearted and expresses his love openly. He got up suddenly in the middle of the press conference and kissed Shahrukh Khan. John was also surprised by this move of Shahrukh but a smile was seen on his face. After this emotional moment of Shahrukh, the rumor that there was any estrangement between John and King Khan was dismissed.

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Talking about John Abraham, Shahrukh Khan said- ‘I love John Abraham very much. Even in the film, I tried to kiss him 1-2 times. Not only this, John also reacted to this answer of Shahrukh. John Abraham said on this- ‘Shahrukh has now become an emotion, not an actor. That’s why I tried to kiss him in the film. With this statement, both the artists won the hearts of the fans.

Surprised by worldwide earnings

Deepika Padukone looked very emotional during the press conference. At the same time, Shah Rukh Khan told about this that when his films do not work, he gets frustrated and starts crying. Talking about the box office collection of the film, this action packed movie has earned more than 550 crores worldwide within 5 days of its release. A similar collection is being expected from the film as well.

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