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Shailene Woodley Wanted Ansel Elgort to Fix His Awful Odor Before Working With Him in ‘Fault in Our Stars’

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Shailene Woodley once teamed up with Ansel Elgort for the sci-fi series Divergent. But it wasn’t the only feature the two worked together in. They would also link up for the hit film The Fault in Our Stars, where Woodley tried to give Elgort some helpful grooming tips.

Shailene Woodley wanted Ansel Elgort to fix his awful ‘Divergent’ odor before working with him again on ‘Fault in Our Stars’

Shailene Woodley | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Woodley and Elgort became good friends after their work together in the Divergent franchise. So when they collaborated for a second time in the feature The Fault in Our Stars, the transition was a smooth process. This time the two would be love interests in the film.