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Shaved fire hydrant floods clothing boutique in Fairfax District



hydrant flood

A broken fire hydrant in the Fairfax District caused a nightmare for a business owner when her clothing store was flooded.

“It went from zero to 100 in about five minutes,” Heather Sander said of the amount of water spewing from the detached fire hydrant outside her store.

Sanders’ social media posts about the incident have gone viral after the water damaged her wife’s boutique, named Sorrella. She said a cement truck opened the fire hydrant Monday afternoon, which is on the corner of Melrose and North Orange Grove.

Torn fire hydrant on the corner of Melrose and North Orange Grove, in the Fairfax District.

“It was so loud. I felt like I was in a rainforest,” she told UKTN.

The water gathered on her roof.

“The water caused this to come down and we were actually here when it happened,” she said.

Several fire hydrants have been removed in recent weeks. Last month, one was shaved in Los Feliz. In May there was one in Harvard Heights, and in March, in Boyle Heights, the water from a sheared fire hydrant didn’t shut off for about an hour and a half.

Sanders said her store was looted in 2020 during the civil unrest, with a police car being burned a few blocks away. She’s been working hard to bounce back from that, the pandemic shutdowns and the recent spike in crime.

You can feel Sanders’ heartache in this shot, as she got her first look at the damage after the water shut off. She said one of her neighbors saw the truck pull out the fire hydrant and wrote down the information.

“I think it’s not good taste to hit and he stopped and he knows he hit something, and he just doesn’t really know he ruined my whole world,” Sanders said.

The Los Angeles City law firm said Sanders can file a claim for her damages.



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