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“She said she loves the smell”

A Twitter user known as @Iamzeedacutest has narrated her experience with her pregnant sister who has unusual cravings.

She complained that her sister asked her to iron clothes in the house because she loves the smell.

In her words:

Pregnant women and their troubles. My sister is forcing me to continue ironing clothes because she loves the smell.”

Reacting to ..., purrbaby56 wrote: “My mom used to make me put on the stove, leave it to burn for 5 minutes before putting it off. Just because she “loved” the smell after putting it off.”

Nnate_ said: “My sister once cried for our dad she was crying so hard and heavily pregnant, he knocked her off and spent the rest of the day with her she was so happy.”

Tope_Orus added: “My wife own was Suya! I buy Suya tire, Tell me who hates seeing Suya after delivery my wife.”

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