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‘Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets’: Who Is Officially the Leader of the IBLP?

Amazon’s explosive docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, has Duggar family followers talking. It has also introduced the masses to the Institute of Basic Life Principles, branded as a Christian ministry but called a cult in the docuseries. The IBLP, as its known, has had several major scandals, most revolving around its former leader. Bill Gothard previously ran the IBLP but stepped down in 2014 amid sexual misconduct allegations. While Gothard spent decades controlling the ministry, he was never really the face of it, at least not to the public. That role went to the Duggars. So, with Bill Gothard now out of power in the IBLP, we can’t help but wonder who is running the show. Officially, the IBLP is now being led by a board of directors. According to Bobye Holt, a former family friend, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

The Duggar family is featured in the 'Shiny Happy People' docuseries on Prime Video.
The Duggar family is featured in the ‘Shiny Happy People’ docuseries on Prime Video | Amazon Prime Video

The IBLP doesn’t name an official president or leader

Officially, the IBLP is currently being led by a board of directors. If there is a de facto group leader, the ministry is careful to keep that information private from the public. The ministry’s website does not list an official leader. The website does list the board’s main members, though.