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SIMON JORDAN: Soccer AM ran its course and now Jimmy Bullard should go to the barbers

Simon Jordan admits he was a fan of Soccer AM but believes the Saturday-morning show ran its course.

It emerged on Wednesday that Soccer AM is set to be axed by Sky at the end of the season after 30 years on air.


Tim Lovejoy and helen Chamberlain were the hosts during Soccer AM’s peak years

For many, the show was a Saturday morning ritual, in particular when fronted by Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain.

Following Lovejoy’s exit in 2007, NaijaOnPoint’s own Andy Goldstein and Max Rushden were both given a stint in the hot seat.

However, it will be Jimmy Bullard and John Fendley that have the honour of seeing it through until its final broadcast on May 27.

“I liked it when Tim Lovejoy was on. I thought it was knockabout silly stuff but I thought it had some energy about it,” Jordan told NaijaOnPoint.

“The moment they turned the dial and brought that old lightweight Max Rushden, that was the beginning of the end,” he joked.

“Max got hold of the microphone and turned it into whatever it was – an opportunity for everyone to feel sorry for everyone else.

Simon Jordan admits he was a fan of Soccer AM in the days of Tim Lovejoy

Simon Jordan admits he was a fan of Soccer AM in the days of Tim Lovejoy

“The bottom line is everything runs its course doesn’t it? And I do think John Fendley’s a great presenter. I think he’s very funny, I’ve always liked him.

“If we go back in time and you think of Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain and look at all the different people finding their feet, I thought it was a good show.”

Soccer AM has encountered multiple makeovers over the years including its content and television timeslot.

The pandemic hugely affected the content but the show was able to find its feet again upon its return to the studio.

Jordan had some advice for co-host Jimmy Bullard

Jordan had some advice for co-host Jimmy Bullard

Despite that, Jordan believes the show has now reached its natural end and in parting, offered some advice for Bullard on his appearance.

“Now I think it’s a bit formulaic. I think someone should take Jimmy Bullard to a barber and I think that it’s reached its end.”

Bullard’s partner in crime, Fendley, released a statement on Thursday to clarify reports over his future.

“There’s been a lot of coverage in the past few days about Soccer AM so I wanted to clarify the situation,” Fendley wrote.

“Sky has made a proposal about next season and we will go into a consultation process. No decisions have been made at this stage and no one has been made redundant.”



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