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Since when toll tax in Saudi Arabia?



RIYADH: The Road General Authority in Saudi Arabia has said that within a year, the decision of the toll tax will be implemented in the kingdom.

According to the details, the toll tax is going to be imposed in Saudi Arabia, the toll tax will be imposed on such highways where there will be alternative roads, the tax will not be collected from those who use the alternative roads.

The toll tax will be implemented with the participation of the private sector, the construction of the toll tax roads, their repair and maintenance and the collection of toll tax will be taken from the private sector.

According to Al Arabiya Channel, the Road Authority is developing schemes to modernize the Saudi roads network, and is focusing on improving the quality of the roads, providing the highest security arrangements and raising road standards technically.

The Road Authority is striving to achieve the sixth position in the world in the Saudi Arabia Road Standard Graph.

According to the report, work is also going on to widen the scope of highways connecting big cities, commissionerates and tehsils, to make the process of transferring people and goods between different regions of the state easier and safer.



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