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Singer Malu Trevejo Sued By Four Of Her Former Employees: Details About The Lawsuit Explored

Four of Malu Trevejo former employees have filed a lawsuit against her for alleged battery, defamation, and sexual misconduct, according to the lawsuit. She has been sued for $4 million by Ralph Colon, Edwardo Vidal, Victoria Barreto, and Witchneverson Lacroix, who claim they suffered mental, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse under her employment. Additionally, the singer made inappropriate gestures towards her personal assistant Barreto and called them racial slurs in the lawsuit. Among the allegations in the lawsuit is that Trevejo requested Barreto to sleep in her bed with her, give her cuddles, and watch television with her, as well as being controlling and claiming ownership of her.

Currently, Trevejo has more than 25 million followers on TikTok and 11 million followers on Instagram. Because of her massive popularity, Malu Trevejo has become an elite TikToker and social media influencer. The actress has been performing professionally since 2015, and her real name is Mara Luisa Trevejo. Having been born in 2002, the singer is now 20 years old. Her YouTube videos have also garnered millions of views over the years thanks to her collaborations with multiple artists. Tu Lo Tienes is the singer’s most recent and most popular song, which has received 3.3 million views in 4 months. The singer has also released popular songs like Culo Chapa, MMM MMM, Complicado, and A Lo Malu on YouTube. There are 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Four Former Workers Sue Malu Trevejo For Battery, Defamation And Sexual Misconduct

In their lawsuit, Ralph Colon, Edwardo Vidal, Victoria Barreto, and Witchneverson Lacroix allege that they “underwent mental, emotional, sexual, and physical punishment” while working for Trevejo. Additionally, they claim that Malu Trevejo made unwanted sexual advances toward Barreto, who served as Trevejo’s personal assistant and called them racial slurs. Among other things, Trevejo allegedly demanded that Barreto sleep with her in her bed, cuddle with her, and watch TV with her, as well as being in control of her and claiming possession of her. She claimed Trevejo gave her “increased aggression” and “dismissive responses” after she rejected his advances, which she alleged led to Trevejo calling her “stupid” or “dumb.”

A former bodyguard of Malu Trevejo, Ralph Colon, claims he was abused by the influencer, saying she ignored his security advice frequently and forced him to place himself in danger. A statement from Malu Trevejo’s lawyer to Billboard responded to the lawsuit: Ms. Malu Trevejo is aware of the false allegations in the lawsuit, and she is looking forward to defending herself against these false claims. TMZ cites a source close to Trevejo as saying she is “devastated” by the allegations and would never hurt someone like this.” It follows an emotional live stream from Malu Trevejo in early December in which the singer claimed her home had been robbed and that she knew the perpetrators.



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